Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Tuesdays are very busy days for me. I have to actually go into the office to do my job, and I don't see as much of the boys as I do other days. It can be a nice break for all of us, or a stressful time full of too much to do in too few hours. Today, with Music Man home, I had a good day with some help. I managed to get Little Red registered for kindergarten in the fall, picked Maestro up at school, and had a nice relaxing evening with my guys. Today's picture is a reflection of our evening together...lovely warm fire, relaxing quiet time and Maestro enthralling us with his latest mystery, which he's reading out loud to us all. This is a tome called "Dial M For Mongoose" by Bruce Hale. It's really pretty funny, if you're looking for a good read for a cold winter evening. I've been introducing him to the world of "whodunnits" since that's a common bond we share. We both love a good mystery.
Wishing you peaceful family time together, ~Peacemom

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