Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blustery Easter Greetings!

Hello All!

Happy Easter to you! Today we celebrated Easter with my sister's inlaws. I know, it sounds a little strange to do that, but if you knew these fine people, you would not wonder why. My own parents live about 3 1/2 hours away and we could not be with them today due to time constraints. Music Man's mother is a snowbird, currently down in Texas enjoying the holiday with her youngest daughter and family. So, we got the invitation to come to my sister's parents-in-law's home, where we spent last Easter as well, and jumped at the chance. They are truly wonderful people, so kind and generous and sort of surrogate grandparents for our little guys. We enjoyed a lovely meal accompanied with grand Easter baskets for the boys (they were VERY spoiled) and an egg hunt in which the boys had a rousing time with their cousin hunting up eggs. Pretty fun. And the topper of it all is the company. We all enjoyed each other's company and had a great time connecting.

It's been really interesting to me to see that they have become part of our family, and we part of theirs. We see them several times a year at functions for my sister's family, and they are always so warm and welcoming. They have great, positive energy and are always upbeat. They've had their share of challenges, but they never let it get to them, or don't seem to. I very much treasure that my boys can spend time with people who are like this in their lives. They engage the kids and make spending time in their presence a pleasure, and make them feel special and cherished. The boys have their own set of wonderful grandparents and a grandmother that loves them very much as well, but since she's gone a chunk of the year (and the busiest retired person you'll ever meet when she's home!) and my folks are far away and can't travel, it's nice that the boys get the chance to have other older people in their lives that they can connect with. I'm thankful for their presence in our lives on many levels.

And, my sister's father-in-law races drag cars, so for my car-loving boys, that's an amazing feat! He lets them sit in his race car and pretend to drive it and everything. I don't think that two bigger or happier grins could exist on two little boys faces as when they are strapped in, real racing jacket and helmet on, brrrmmmm-bbbrrrrmmming away while steering that car in their imaginations. Really, truly a fun time for them. We all feel blessed to know them. No strings, no challenges, no dramas, nothing needed from one to the other, just the pure enjoyment of knowing. How many relationships in your life can you say that about? Kinda neat and unique, I think.

The other fun thing we did today was when we went to "get Brownie's", we got the chance to meet the new baby goats on the farm. OOOhhh, was Little Red happy about that, this kid LOVES his baby goats. And they are so cute and wobbly and adorable. Long ears and little noses, so soft and cuddly. The mamas were pretty good natured about us petting their new little charges. Surely spring is in full force when the paddock and barn are full of baby goats. We also saw their new chicks, which are actually quite a bit bigger then the last time I saw them, and they were so cute also, getting their not-so-downy-more-scruffy-teenager feathers, looking a little gangly. The farm owner tells us the next to arrive is piglets. And anyone who has ever seen little piglets has seen cute incarnate. I'm not sure I'll be able to stock the freezer with one if I get too attached to them, so not sure how that's gonna play out, but man I love to scratch behind a piglet's ears. Those little grunts of pleasure they let go are sooooo daggone cute, it's pretty hard to resist.

Well, off for now, hope you and your's had a wonderful Easter celebration today yourselves.

Wishing you too much candy and a new awakening of your own, ~Peacemom

PS, pictures to follow, I promise...

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