Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's a sick day

Hello Everyone,
We'll, we've experienced our first of what I am sure will be many sick days here for our kindergartner. He's got a fever, ear ache, sore throat and sniffles...poor little man. And to top that all off, he's not sleeping well at night (so neither are mommy or daddy, you parents know what I'm talking about). I felt so bad for him yesterday, and after reading a Jigsaw Jones mystery to he and Little Red (yes, the whole book, and it's a chapter book, so about 90 whatever pages), Maestro just wanted to sleep. Luckily, Little Red does not (yet) have the bug. BUT, he's also lost his playmate during normal playmate hours and he's just not happy about that. Glued to his mama, pestering me the whole day and being as this is the second day of this, it's wearing a little thin. I think I'm going to try to interest them in some play do action today, they both like it and it's not too taxing. All Maestro wants to do is lay on the couch and watch tv. Which is something he's restricted on during most days, but when either one of them is sick, I pretty much throw that out the window. When I was little I was allowed to watch tv all day when I was sick and it was all I felt like doing. So, I'm gonna pass on that tradition. Sometimes, you just have to do what the kid wants to do, right?

So, Little Red is all registered at his preschool for the fall. He's going to the one we had him originally registered with last fall. When we went in to register, the secretary saw us coming and said to him. "Little Red, it's so good to see you again!". I told her I couldn't believe she remembered us after all this time. And, not only that, but since I had explained the situation last fall, she kept our paperwork, so I didn't have to fill that out again either. Love that small school personal attention! You may remember me writing about him not being quite ready last fall to go to school. We did the right thing by keeping him home, because now, he's all for it. They let him go into the classroom for a little bit and play and he did NOT want to leave and then when we got in the van, he must have told me 10 times, "Mommy, I can't wait to go to school, it's gonna be so much fun!". Which you better believe I'm wholeheartedly agreeing to for him because although I'm still just as scared to send my boys off into the world, it's a good soft place for him to land. The surroundings are great, the teachers are engaging and kind and the other children aren't so numerous that it's overwhelming, but enough so that he will feel better prepared to join kindergarten the year after that. He's going to have a good time, and that's so important for his first school experience.

Not much else to report here. Maestro has started piano lessons, which he really seems to be enjoying so far. I'm very happy that he's able to do that and that he wants to. I wished I could have learned to play an instrument in my youth, but I'm contemplating picking up the violin and seeing if I can teach myself a thing or two. I've always wanted to learn to fiddle, so it would be fun to see if my 40 year old brain could still learn a new thing or two. I think fiddlin' a tune to the full moon sounds like grand camping fun, don't you?

Wishing you your own learning adventure, ~Peacemom

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