Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Facebook, Awards and Amoxycillin

Guten Tag!

It's a chilly start to the day here in Peaceable Kingdom. We're very ready for spring and it's coming, I just know it...or, I keep telling myself this to get me through another cold and windy day here in NH. We've had wind for 5 days straight, and this is cold wind that takes your breath away. The boys have not wanted to play outside at all. We finally relented and let them ride their bikes about 2 weeks ago because the road pavement is clear and so it gives them a way to burn off their cabin fevered energy. Round bout this time of year, we're all just sick of winter and ready to get on with spring already!

The peas we planted a couple weeks ago are going strong. Maestro's "Leo" is in the lead with 6 sprouts from 8 seeds. Leo is also the tallest and growing like crazy, tiny little vines forming, so cute. I think that Little Red and I overwatered ours and they are not doing quite as well as I wish they would be, hoping for the soil to dry out some. I may have to punch a hole or two in the bottom of our containers to let some water evaporate from the bottoms of the cups. Little Red's "Henry" is next with 4 sprouts and my "Matilda" is hanging in there with two sprouts. It's so fun to me to see the boys hootin' and hollerin' everytime they look in their respective containers to see their little seeds growing away. I'm going to have to devise some sort of trellis the plants can climb up on, I'm looking forward to having a window full of pea vines and blossoms soon.

Well, I finally put a page on Facebook. I really am not behind this stuff at all, I think it's how we're losing face to face contact with other human beings. But, I figured one of these days, my boys are going to want to do this and so I better learn how it all works. It's very scary as a parent to have all this cyber stuff now. Parenting used to be a much less complicated matter when you could somewhat control who your children associated with. Now, the whole world has access to them, and let's face it, the whole world doesn't always have the best intentions. I've learned that a facebook page is not something I will allow the boys to have until they are much older, like maybe adults! So easy for anyone to request to be their friend and then it can just go from there because though you may tell them, they don't really know what can happen to them when someone who means them harm lies their way into your child's life. Scary prospect to all parents, I know. I don't really care about technology myself, but I'm not a parent with her head in the sand and so I better get up on some of it anyways.

Now, one of my favorite new authors, Jenna Woginrich, just won an award for Made From Scratch. I talked about it in my last post, and it's a fun read. I was proud of her for this, it was the "Books For A Better Life" award. She's in some pretty impressive company, like Michael Pollan for instance, and so for someone who's only 26, she's accomplished something here. Kinda cool.

Maestro went to the pediatrician last Friday because he's had a cough that won't quit, very wet, gross and nasty. So, after a few days of this, I was worried about him having pneumonia (it's going around his school), so brought him in. Lungs nice and clear, but he did have a double ear and sinus infection along with the flu, so the poor thing was not well. Never had an ear infection before and he gets slammed with all that mess. So, he's on amoxycillin, which is wreaking havoc on his digestive system. He's not at all a complainer when it comes to being sick. In fact, sometimes it's just a mother's observation that I know he's sick at all, not because he's said anything. So, we know that Maestro had been suffering more then he was letting on and that made me feel guilty as can be. But he's recovering now and he and Little Red are back to bickering more, so I know he's feeling better.

That's about news from Lake Wobegon. We've been recovering mostly (we've all had something going on the last three weeks) from being sick. Spring is always the season that knocks this little family flat, not sure why.

Wishing you spring breezes in your days, soon! ~Peacemom

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