Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let's Make Some History, People!

Hello All You Fellow Citizens Of These United States of America,

Okay, so those of you who know me, know I am not the quintessential "Patriot". I love our country, I love the people and places in it, but I am less then thrilled with most of our government's policies, lies, and corruptions. I'm also a complete pacifist and so when we waged war on Iraq, that was a sad day in my heart. When we became the agressor and not the defender, it made me very sad indeed. Having a nephew over there in harm's way ate me up inside, and we are so thankful that he came home with his body intact.

I've seen my family's financial position become most tenuous over the last 4 years and having had a husband that's been laid off just about every two years for the last 10 doesn't help. It's been starting over every two years.

But, we are not a family that lives as victims, and so today, Music Man and I are going to cast our vote for what we can only see as an improvement over where we, in our country, are today. I have my doubts about whether the election results will not be tampered with (can anyone say ACORN??) and having them done on computer makes the results so much easier to skew. But, as Johnny Clegg sings, ONE MAN, ONE VOTE! And so I will stand in the lines with the kids in tow and show them what that means to me. To see all the people at the polls, signs, and energy will be a good experience for them to see what people who feel empowered can accomplish.

So, I urge you, even if you were just not going to vote, use your right and privilege and get out there and cast your vote. Each one of us, one vote at a time, will make the magic happen. It does not matter to me who you are voting for (okay, it does a little, but it's your business) history is going to be made today. Whether it's a black man for president or a woman for vice president, it's never been done in our country. Either way, equal rights for equal citizens, so let's make some history today, folks!!!

Wishing you your sense of empowerment, ~PEACEmom

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