Sunday, June 1, 2014


Meet our newest member of the farm!  His name is Brady.  As we found out, try to get 4 people to agree on a name, it's not easy!  He's been here about a week and a half now and we already are totally smitten.  He's very smart and awfully cute, wouldn't you agree?  He was rescued from a kill shelter in South Carolina along with his 5 littermates.

So far, he's been a great dog and he's very charming.  He's about 5 months old and we think he's a mix of beagle, hound and Jack Russell Terrier.  Whatever he is, he's staying.  We're hoping he will deter some of the chicken predators around here...foxes, coy dogs (coyotes to you non-New Hampshirites) and the occasional fisher cat.
And even though HE ate the bbq'd chicken off the dining room table tonight when our backs were turned for two seconds, he's still gonna be part of our family farm.  Puppies, what can you do?

Wishing you doggie dreams of your own,


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Jennifer and Steve said...

Sweet, sweet pup! Life looks good for you up there. We're glad you are harvesting asparagus too. We are getting a lovely rain today and we are most grateful! Happy Thursday. :)