Friday, March 7, 2014

Spring, oh Glorious Spring, where art thou?

Surely, we all miss these sights.  Birds on the feeders, sprouts in the warm garden soil and almost balmy breezes drifting past our grateful faces.  I know, this winter has been pretty brutal on everyone and it's time for it to bid it's not-so-fond farewell.    I've been as good a sport about it as possible.  I've been very much enjoying watching Music Man, the boys and their friends gliding across our little pond on skates.  I've enjoyed trying some more winter type recipes for comfort on those cold nights, enjoying the fact that we don't have that vertical driveway to deal with this year.  Thankful for many, many things this winter, a new home, a pond at that new home, a better coop situation for the chickens...but, the fact still remains that it's been a long, hard winter.  We ran out of wood about 3 weeks ago, the oil bill is prohibitive so we're cold in the house and we're growing weary of winter root vegetables.  Our produce bill has greatly increased as our taste buds are warming to spring long before the thermometer outside tells us they should.   Yes, we're all ready, I do believe. 

So, I've been trying hard to embrace my spring inclinations.  I've got the garden planned out, there will be much work ahead for Music Man and I as we build and prepare a lot of raised beds, I have a plan for the vast scope of landscape work that will need to be done.  The landscaping is well overgrown here and needs much love and attention.  I'm trying to line up a delivery of some firewood to get us through next winter while ours, which will be cut this summer, has time to season.  I've got the seeds ordered and delivered, have the plan for the chicken order and are gearing up for the eventual arrival of spring.  Now, we just need to to peek it's shy little head for us to start on this long list of work.  We also have a very long list if items that will need to be done to the house and barn also, starting with improved insulation in the house itself. 

What plans have you made to welcome spring in?  Farmer's Almanac called for a long, cold and above average snowy winter here in New England.  So far, they've been right on the money.  For summer, they are wanting hotter and more humid then ordinary (not two of this woman's favorite things, either!) here in New England, so it's going to be an interesting year here on our little farm.  I'm just waiting for that first day that I can open the windows, let in the sunshine and fresh air and hear the birds serenading me.  It's coming...can you feel it?

Wishing you warm breezes and spring blooms, ~Peacemom

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Jennifer and Steve said...

We had some warmer temps this weekend so I opened a door and a window! We are just so ready for this spring. :)