Friday, December 7, 2012

Pine Cones, Road Apples and Christmas Spirit

The place where we cut our tree is right here in our home town.  They are a tree farm that has been in town for a long time, but they are getting out of the business.  So, when the tree is cut this year, we were sadly aware that it may be the last time we do so.  We've gotten our tree there the last three years and very much enjoy the farm, folks that run it and the ability to cut a tree right here in our little town.

Sunny the Morgan and Olivia the Christmas donkey are always on hand to greet us.  The boys got to feed them carrots this year.  This is a big thrill for Little Red because he's totally enamored with anything fuzzy and warm and nuzzling.  Our good friends have an Australian Shepherd, Dusty, that he particularly loves.

The pond always holds much more interest for the boys then the actual choosing of the tree.  This year was especially good as the pond had a layer of ice on top.  They chose rocks to throw in and anyone who's had the thrill of living in a frozen climate knows the sound that rocks make when thrown into a frozen body of water.  It's sort of a pppzzziiing!  This was quite entertaining for them. 

Consequently, Music and and I picked the conifer that would adorn our little abode.  I like to chose a tree with a few pine cones attached, sort of makes it feel like it's got its own ornaments already attached!
The boys each took turns helping Dad cut the tree down.
As you can see, it was quite foggy that day, sort of tree hunting in the netherworld, if you will.  Maestro was a bit freaked out that he had to dodge many, many piles of horse poop aka:  Road apples.  It made me chuckle to know that at his age, I was slogging through it without thinking about it as I was basically raised on taking care of horses. The menfolk carried our lovely tree to the stand to pay and get another piece of chocolate.  Little Red asked me why I'm never in any pictures.  I had to explain that I'm the family photographer and it's hard to be in the picture and taking the picture at the same time.
Christmas hugs and kisses from here at Casa de Peaceable Kingdom.  Hope you're enjoying your holiday season as much as we are! 

Joyeaux Noel, ~Peacemom

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Dog Trot Farm said...

Wonderful memories are being made, looks like the perfect family adventure. So sad to learn the tree farm is closing, I know it is a lot of work, but running a Christmas Tree farm is the ideal job to me. Something I have always wanted to do with our land...but sadly have not...Your boys are getting tall!!!Have a great weekend Vonnie, Blessings Julie...