Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I'm really ready to cry uncle with this winter!  Between pneumonia for Little Red and I, bronchitis and sinus infection for Music Man, VERTICAL driveway which needs to be bare pavement to go anywhere, plow guys backing out on us (though we finally have one that seems to be sticking for now), so much shoveling and no where to put the snow...SNOW...SNOW!!!!  and it's currently freezing rain on top of the 12" we got just before it...I've had enough.  Spring, so ready for spring now.

Though we did take a few moments to catch some beautiful evening light on Sunday to get in a snow shoe with Music Man, Little Red and I...couldn't pry Maestro off the couch and the hockey game to join us.

Little Red is very adventurous. He loves to be out and on a trail.  No fear and thoroughly enjoys the fun aspects of it.  I love this kid, he's just a little man after my own heart.

We had a fun time bombing around our property, tracking the deer that came to visit our apple tree and the mice from all over heading to the bird feeder.  The snow is getting very deep now, so the deer are having a challenging time finding food.  Can you spot the tell tale pointy toes?
The light was incredible, as was the sky...

I thought the setting sun was really pretty on the snow in the field.

And some trees are beginning to bud.  The other thing I have noticed lately is an abundance of robins.  Why is that? Though some stick around all winter here, we have the spring quantities arriving already.

It was  fun snowshoe.  I keep telling myself that without snow, it would not be possible.  But, spring sounds fabulous to me right now as long as it doesn't flood our basement again!

Wishing you the peace of an evening snowshoe with your loved ones, ~Peacemom


~ Janis said...

Great photos!
Hang in there!
Spring WILL get here. Maybe not til June, but it will get here!!
All this snow is FREE fertilizer!
The storm is clobbering us here in Vermont.
Come visit the herd, after you shovel:

Ruta said...

Beautiful pictures!
I love to snowshoe too...but we are getting storm on top of another and then another arctic blast coming right after the's all too much!
I keep looking at my seed catalogs to feel better...dreaming of spring.

Zev said...

Snowshoeing children, I love it! Would the driveway get better traction if it weren't paved?

Sense of Home said...

I agree with you, winter could end any time SOON! We have had over 60 inches of snow and normal is 40 something. There just isn't any place left to put the snow. Looks like the kids are enjoying it though.


Dog Trot Farm said...

Such lovely photos. I am enjoying my new snowshoes, I love heading out first thing in the morning to the peace and quiet of the woods. It's a wonderful way to begin the day.