Friday, June 11, 2010

Holy KALE, Bat Man!

First pick up at the CSA provided me with kale...3 types of kale! And swiss chard. So, it's a greens week for sure.

I'm gonna make kale chips to go with my chicken this evening, anyone have any different suggestions for all this kale? Please leave me an idea or recipe, it will be much appreciated.

Happily swimming in the greens, ~Peacemom

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Sense of Home said...

I add chopped kale to a salad that is made up of whatever veggies are fresh. Such as, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, celery, broccoli, kale, etc. chop everything, add Italian dressing, and let sit in fridge a couple hours. It is very good.

By the way, the question you asked months ago about photos in the middle of the post on blogspot. Well I was helping my mother set up a blog and figured out the difference. Do you still need the answer to your question?

In blogger, under the settings tab, nearly at the bottom of the page select "updated editor". I did not remember selecting this when you asked me the question. I figured it out while trying to help my mother, sorry.