Thursday, December 11, 2008

South Beach what?

Hello All!
I'm in the midst of the phase one of the South Beach Diet. Having heart concerns and blood pressure issues as I've turned 40 has prompted me to get on the band wagon once again. How many times have I lost weight in my adult life? About 120? I could literally be a nutritionist for all I know about food, but I researched a plan I thought would fit into my lifestyle the best while still affording me nutritious REAL food (that's a must, no bars, shakes or whatevers, I only eat the real deal, and no fake sugar either). When I checked with my primary care doctor he gave me the big thumbs up to do this one, said he had a lot of patients that have had success with this one. So...about a week and a half ago, I started the transition.

The first phase of this is designed to help you get past and eliminate cravings for sugar and things that are quickly converted to sugar in your blood. Believe it or not, even corn and potatoes are in this group, they go to sugar in your bloodstream pretty quickly. So, in this phase, no sugar, no grain carbs, no fruit. Now, that's a tough one for me on so many levels, but we'll start with the time of year. I love sugar and sweets. I think it's safe to say I'm a sugar addict. Now, I don't let myself have that much of it because of that, but I do love the sweet treats of Christmas season and will usually let myself get to chomping on them. Two weeks ago, I was told by my doc to get off my bp med for three weeks because I was having all kind of problems with my heart and he wanted to see if the med was the problem. Now, for those who've taken atenolol and tried to lose weight on it, you know, it's virtually impossible. So, I was thrilled to be given a 3 week reprieve from that little pill and decided I would capitalize on that time off to just start the weight loss and getting healthier. My main goal in this process is not just to lose weight, but moreso to get healthy and hopefully off the bp med for good.

Now, when I made this resolve, which I've done countless times before in my life having battled this weight war since puberty, I didn't really consider how much of this would be right in the heart of my prime sugar time. Through this time, I've had to bake 4 dozen cookies for a bake sale, go to breakfast with Santa at Maestro's next year school, with some delicious looking fluffy pancakes. Then there were donuts and cocoa after we cut down our Christmas tree, and onto a Christmas party with wonderfully catered food that included a chocolate fountain with cream puffs and marshmallows to dip in among all the other delicious food offered. I stuck to 3 scallops wrapped in bacon and the vegie tray. There was a brie wrapped in philo with a raspberry sauce that just looked to die for. Then smelling McDonalds in the car on the way home from the party as we stopped to let the kids have the rare treat. I was starving and so grumpy by the time I got home, it was not funny. The next day was a birthday party with cake and pizza. Those of you who know me well, know that cake is my favorite food in the world. I said a polite "no, thank you" and continued on with conversation with someone I'd just met. This is also very stressful for me because I am not the most socially gracious person, and meeting new people is hard for me because the number of times I put my foot in my mouth is incredible. So, I've taken to being more of a wallflower then I ever did when I was younger. I think some time with some of my extended family has taught me that no one really wants to hear what is on my mind most of the time, so unless I can just graciously nod and smile, I try to keep quiet. This does not always work, sometimes that personality gene just bursts out, but I do try. Anyways, so as you could see from the retelling of temptations along with stresses of meeting new people at two separate occasions, I was so set up to fail. But, I'm proud to say, that I kept my resolve and have not touched the sweets, carbs or fruit in almost a week and a half.

Now, come Monday, I will be able to add a little back in with a whole grain choice and one serving of fruit a day for the first week, then increasing it from there as I can do it. So far, I'm doing well, better then I've done in a long time. I think looking at the faces of my loving hubby and kiddos every day is helping me keep my promise to myself that it's time to get healthier. I want to be here to see those boys graduate, go to college, get married, and whatever their lives will bring. And I want to be here to retire with my hubby and do some of the living that we're putting on hold to raise our boys now. Life is so uncertain, for sure, but when I have control over this part of it, it's time to really make it happen. So, I will keep you posted as time goes on with how I'm doing with this, but so far, so really, really good. Keep me in your prayers for continued success.

Sugar plum dreams to you, ~Peacemom

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