Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Humble Morning Musings

Bon Jour!

Hmmm, not really sure what's a fitting topic for today, we'll see how it goes. Mostly, I feel like writing and the cherubs are otherwise occupied, so I'm going to take this chance to pen (or key!) a few thoughts.

1. I'm completely and totally sick of political ads. I only hear adult tv very rarely, and I listen to the 5:00 news on the radio in the kitchen as I prepare dinner every night. It is in this 30 minutes that I am so inundated with negative, smearing ads that I've taken to not listening to the news. It's local news, so we get a lot of local ads and some of them are so obnoxious, it's honestly caused me to turn off the idiots. I've made my decision for my candidates, as I'm sure you all have, and we just don't care about these silly, lying ads anymore. Enough is enough. That's my political soapbox, and I'll step down now.

2. The colors have been just GLORIOUS this autumn season. I got a chance to take a few more photos while we were out apple picking this past weekend. Just stunning colors, sometimes you even catch your breath if you are driving and come around a corner to sunshine just right in one of those golden or orange beauties. It's hard not to believe New England is the best place in the world when you see that. Amazing grace in physical form if I've ever seen it.

3. Apples fresh from the tree (especially Honeycrisp!) are one of the other reasons to believe in that whole "New England is king" thing. There is not a better tasting bit of food on the planet then those little red orbs. You bite, get an initial tart taste, juice running down your chin, as you chew it becomes so sweet in your mouth and you thank the lord for this perfection. How can you describe this accurately for someone who's never had this experience, I'm not sure. But once you taste an apple freshly picked by your own hands, you just never go back to those mealy, soft, grocery store quality apples ever again. I will wait until the fall to have an apple. We are very lucky in that our local orchard sells apples through January, and last year into March, so that we only have about 5 months without the chance to have apples. They cold store them, and though they are not the same in March as they are in October, you can rest assured they are still a far site better then anything that's traveled 3,000 miles to get here (how far is New Zealand from New Hampshire, anyways?). Just positively the best fruit on earth right here in our own backyard, truly great.

4. Woke up to a little chill in the air this morning and a lovely harvest moon on the western horizon. It made me want to get out the sweater and head to the woods for a hike. Unfortunately, I sprained my ankle (again, that's at least 35 times in my life so far), and I'm laid up, so I'm going to have to enjoy the scenes from the seat of the car or the Adirondack chair in the yard. This is not all bad, however since it gives me a reason to just sit and be. Music Man disdains that since he's stuck in a building all day, with people who refuse to open the shades, he misses the outdoors. I feel for him, I really do. Especially on a day when I can take a moment to sit in the chairs on the lawn, listen to the boys playing happily in the leaves and drink my Pumpkin Spice Tea while I watch the leaves flutter then fall in the chilly autumn breeze. These are the moments that I will remember forever, those little bits of perfect that make my heart happy to be alive and happy to be a stay at home mother. And wishing that we could figure out a way to have a rural life and still make a living and be more connected to the outside world. I get to live it more then Music Man does, and I feel for him because his true heart is always up the side of a mountain somewhere or paddling through the ocean blue. It's not stuck behind a desk in a cubicle working so hard for people that don't appreciate the wonderful man that he is. I understand his sadness at going there every day, it's just not his heart.

Well, that's my pontificating for today. Little Red is waking, I hear the "MMMOOOMMMYYY!!!" being bellowed at me from the little den that is their room. Maestro went downstairs to work on his masterpiece for an upcoming art show that he's participating in. Something with snow and houses and trees and the moon...more on that later.

Wishing you pumpkin spice tea and the time to sit and watch the world go by, ~Peacemom

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