Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seals, Porpoises and Autumn, Oh My!

Top O' The Mornin' to Ya'll,
That's my Irish and Southern roots coming through. I have to say I'm in an exceptionally good mood this morning...those of you who read my previous post regarding the coming of autumn will know why.

This morning, I woke up to a cold nose. Then, I snuggled down deep in the blankets, of which there were 3, and coming to consciousness, had a realization. As I peeked open my eyes, they fell on the love of my life shivering and curled up. So, I pulled the quilt up to his ears and smiled. Yes, that crisp air has arrived. Autumn is officially in the air. That smell of clean air, which living this close to 93 you can imagine is not all that common, that slipper weather feeling, ahhhhh, so lovely. It made my little heart sing right out loud.

As I padded down the stairs to make a cup of Pumpkin Spice Tea (thanks, Sis!), I was greeted by cold floors. Our kitchen floor is tile and it gets downright cold in the wintertime. But this morning, that just added to my sense of joy. I realized I better dig out my warm wool clogs that I wear for slippers. I make an annual trek to the Kittery Trading Post (or the KTP as we affectionately refer to it) in Kittery, Maine to buy a new pair of wool socks each autumn. I add these to the collection of socks I have already accumulated and wear these with my clogs as slippers all winter long. I've even been crazy enough to wear them while shoveling snow if the mood strikes me. That trek to the KTP has become an autumn tradition for me, I also like to pick up a new sweatshirt as I pretty much live in them all winter. I know, fleece is all the rage, and I do own some, but I still enjoy the cottony softness of a new sweatshirt. I also know that there are stores closer that I could buy these products, but before a gallon of gas became almost as expensive a new car, I used to make this drive. I just love the place and can't seem to really start fall until I go. I've been doing this for the better part of 15 years. I love to walk the whole place and imagine myself needing the stuff I see.

We did buy our sea kayaks there about 8 years ago, however they've not seen water since Maestro was in utero. We still have the knowledge that if we wanted to (and could get a sitter!), we could hop in those boats for some high adventure. We spent many great hours on the water with those before we had the kids and mortgage payments. We've often talk of selling them, and we may still do it, to get a canoe that we can all go in. Something akin to selling the sports car to get the minivan. But, that would really take away that chance for "just us" adventure, and perhaps we're clinging to our youth now that we're both middle aged, who knows. But, neither one of us seems to be in a big rush to see those 'yaks go, so there they sit forelornly on the moss in the back yard, just begging for an adventure. Maybe, just maybe, we'll have to try to arrange for one this autumn.

Being on the water in the autumn is so amazing. As you paddle in quiet, you are able to see things that no boat with an engine will get to witness. We had the chance, while staying in Acadia a few year ago to kayak into an area that had porpoises. They would come very close to the boat and spout and you'd see the spray so close to you because you are on water level. It was a thrilling feeling. As you look over the bow of the boat, you see a little seal head pop up mere few feet away. They are so curious about kayakers, it's as if they just can't believe we could be on their world and not make all that noise that a motor does. As you slip silently through the water, flaming leaves reflecting back skyward and you just feel completely encompassed by autumn. I love to hike in the autumn as well, but kayaking then, well, that's magic. You see migrating birds, frogs fat and happy and ready for their mud slumber and all the animals that you might miss other times of the year. We saw huge starfish in the ocean in Seal Cove on Mt. Desert, sea urchins you can pluck right from the frigid autumn water. Those are some of the miracles of autumn in New England.

Well, I also feel as if I want to bake something when the temps get colder. Little Red and I baked banana bread together during our time without Maestro the other day. It was gone in a shot since we all love baked stuff here. It's not hard to see how the "Autumn 10" happens around here. I love to bake, this is my favorite time of the year to do it, and cookies are always so welcome. Music Man is a total cookie hound. If I make a batch of whole wheat chocolate chip cookies, they are guaranteed to be gone in 3 days. I also love to pick apples and there will be some fun pictures of those adventures soon as well, perhaps we'll be doing that this weekend. I can't pick apples unless I need to wear flannel while I'm doing it. It just doesn't make for a fun page in the scrapbook if we're all in shorts and tee shirts, now does it?

Well, lots of stream of consciousness in this writing. Hope you're all enjoying the spattering of color on the leaves, the crisp morning air and the start of frost on the pumpkins in your world. If you're not here, then perhaps you can put a little of this in your heart and feel the excitment and miracles autumn has to bring.

Wishing you the thrill of spouting porpoises in your autumn days, ~Peacemom


aseaman said...

I can't tell you how much I love reading your blogs. I wish there was some way to share them with every nature/organic/photo loving nut like me!

Vonnie said...

Ah, the feeling is mutual, ASeaman! But thanks for the kudos, they mean a lot to me.